Friday, 6 September 2013

Swatch and Review - Australis

I have 2 more gorgeous Aussie brand polishes to show you today, they are Australis polishes sent to me for review by Heritage Brands

This first polish is 'Sinfully Sweet' and is a neutral beigy pink creme polish, and I am lucky as it suits my skin tone which can be a bit hit and miss with neutral polsihes. This picture was taken in direct sunlight, and I am wearing 2 coats of the polish over a base coat.

The bottle claims a 'streak free finish' and did not disappoint! It went on smoothly and by the second coat was flawless, this would be a nice base for a french tip for me too, I prefer solid colours to sheer bases for a classic french mani and I look forward to trying it out!

The next polish I have for you is 'Rio Riot' and is a super sparkly glitter in a transparent base. The glitters are small hexes in blue, green, purple and magenta, and there are also larger gold hexes. In these pictures I am wearing one coat as a topper over A Spanish Brand YSNY shade 12, and 3 coats of just the glitter polish as the ring finger accent nail. This first picture was taken in direct sunlight, but it was very bright and difficult to capture the colours well.

 This second picture was taken outside in the shade and you can distinguish the colours a little better, but I think I need some tips on photographing glitter, so if anyone has any please feel free to share!.

I loved the colour combination of the glitters but truth be told this polish is a little difficult to apply. All the glitters in this polish are slightly curled and so tend to clump together in little groups rather than spreading out evenly over the nail, but if you have the patience it's nothing that can't be fixed with a bit of manipulation and manouvering. If you're one of those ladies obsessed with a super smooth flawless finish this one might drive you a bit nuts, it will take several layers of top coat to smooth those curly glitters out. I'm wearing 2 layers of top coat in this pic, which over the sparse glitter topper nails is not bad, but on the pure glitter accent nail it would take another 2 or 3 coats to be completely smooth. If you can live with slightly bumpy nails though, you will enjoy the beautiful selection of colours in the polish, I haven't successfully captured it in these pictures but in real life it's really quite lovely.

I love the name of this polish 'Rio Riot', it does remind me of a carnival, and I will actually be having my belated Honeymoon in January in Rio so this will have to come with me! (I was married in April so the honeymoon is well overdue!)

I hope you enjoyed the gorgeous Aussie polishes I brought you this week! If you want to get any of these yourself be sure to check out the great selection at Heritage Brands!

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