Saturday, 14 September 2013

Foil Patterns from Painting with Foil Glue

As you may have noticed I am really getting into my nail foils, and I've been trying out some stuff this week to figure out what else we can do with them besides a full nail cover! I decided to paint a free hand pattern over my base colour using foil glue so that only the pattern would be transfered on the nail. 

For the base I used Cover Girl 'Wine to Five' a dark burgandy creme leaning slightly pink in the light, and the foils I used are called 'teal' and are just a simple plain coloured chrome finish. 

This wasn't as easy to do as I expected, mostly because I thought the foil would only stick to the glued area but instead patches of foil came off on the nail where I hadn't even put any glue, ruining the design. I had to resort to trying to rub off the extra foil with a nail brush dipped in polish remover, which wasn't an easy task as the foil did not rub off so easily even though it wasn't even glued on. I'm going to have to get a bit of  practice with this and try rubbing the foil with less pressure in future.

I still really like how it turned out though, the foil contrasting with the polish finish looks really cool and I think these colours go great together!

 I'm also getting a lot of enjoyment from the improved macro settings on my new camera too, as you can tell!


  1. very creative, love the color combo! :)

  2. Amazing! I wonder if you left your base color on for 1 day before you try the design with the foil glue if that would fix the issue of getting the foil into areas other then when you apply the glue? Or maybe try putting a fast dry hard top coat on the base and waiting a few hrs before doing the glue design. I am not surprised the foil came off on areas other then where the glue is - the foils are almost as difficult to work with as gold leaf is and that comes off all over everything and seems also to be tacky when it hits other surfaces.


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