Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Nail Art Challenge, Inspired by an Artist - Andy Warhol

I have been so ridiculously busy this last week that not only did I not have time to post my nail art challenge mani on nail art challnge Tuesday, I didn't have to time to write any post at all! So I am sorry if you missed me, but today's mani will totally make up for it I promise!

This week is Andy Warhol pop art extraordinaire, and the first British artist of the challenge so you know I had to go all out for this one and do old Andy some real justice! (since posting this I have since learnt that Andy Warhol is actually American, and for whatever reason I always believed he was from London, I know, I know, I'm an idiot! *facepalm)

If you are not familiar with Andy Warhols work - then you must be living under a rock, haha no seriously, here is a pic to refresh your memory cos I am sure that everyone has seen his work at some point. 

Now I know you have all seen images like this before!

For my own mani I decided not to use the face of some celebrity, but my own face! I took four photographs of myself pulling 4 different silly faces, and then fixed them in photoshop so I would just have the main features visible in 1 colour, like this:

I printed these faces out on transparent decal paper so that only the coloured areas were actually printed.

To do the mani I painted a different base colour on each nail, the colours that I wanted my skin to be. After the base colours were dry, I applied the decals, and then painted around my face and hair with different colours than the base to give the contrasting back ground.
Are you ready to see the final result and have your mind blown? hahaha OKGO!

This mani is so frickin awesome I totally love it! This may even be my favourite mani from the nail art challenge so far, I wish Warhol was still around so I could send him the picture hahahahaha!

The polishes I used are:
Index: Face - Rimmel 'Lemon Drop' Background - Mode 'Happy Snaps'
Middle: Face - BC Co. Shade 16 Background - Nfu-Oh 354
Ring: Face - YSNY Shade 12 Background - NFU-Oh 517
Little: Face - Duri 'Summer Peach'  Background - Sinful Colours 'Timbleberry'

I may have had a total Brain Lapse for this mani, but it's still a 100% win. :)


  1. Gorgeous mani! But Warhol was American, born & raised in Pittsburg, Pa.

    1. I know I just found out, what an idiot!

  2. Amazing! What a fantastic idea! if Andy Warhol did nails, this is what he would have done :)


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