Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Band of Jewels Glitter Topper Art

I've been playing with the new polishes again and I was really keen to try the Australis 'Rio Riot' green and purple glitter with an absolutely stunning Cover Girl polish (Caribbean) I bought recently. These 2 polishes were just made for each other!

First  of all, how gorgeous is this Cover Girl base colour? I found it in my local supermarket and had to have it the moment I laid eyes on it! I painted a stripe in the center of each nail, I didn't really know were I was going with it, I was just messing around. I know it doesn't look much in the pictures because my camera hates glitter, but the glitter was so sparkly and bright, and with all those complimentary colours put together with this polish, it looked like I had a jewel encrusted band across my nails, it was quite spectacular!

This is a simple but very flashy mani, if only you could see it in real life to appreciate it's true beauty! 
Now that I think about it, I actually have a pair of boots in my European storage unit that would match this mani perfectly! *Sigh


  1. Hi, I've nominated you for a Liebster Award! Check it out here, and send me your link in the comments when you have accepted, so I can see your answers to the questions. :)
    <3 Dawn <3

  2. Wow what a beautiful combo of polishes. I bet it just dazzles in the sun!


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