Thursday, 12 September 2013

Cherry O's Nail Foils

I am slowly but surely working my way through the huge stock of untried nail foils I have, and the practice is certainly paying off  because my application of the foil I'm going to show you today was practically flawless!

The foil I want to show you is called Cherry O's, and is a stunning cherry red full of little holographic circles of yellow orange and violet, it is SO gorgeous!

The best news is that my husband and I purchased a new camera recently, and it has a much better macro setting than the camera I have been using, and now that I have thd new machine all figured out, I can take gorgeous close up shots like this one!

Now I can take photo's that help everyone else appreciate ny nail awesomeness as much as I do! Now you can all see what I mean when I usually say 'it was so sparkly and gorgeous, trust me on this one!' No more trust ladies, just see for yourselves, how frickin awesome is this nail foil???!!!!

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