Friday, 27 September 2013

Swatch and Review - Mode Pastels and Glitter Topper

More Mode for you today sent for review by Heritage Brands, and right on season with pretty pastel shades and a glitter topper just perfect for spring! (Yes, I rejoice in the fact that whilst my British counterparts are bracing themselves for a harsh winter, my mild and balmy, month long winter is already over and I have a long ass tropical summer to look forward to! There's a hint in there for you ladies - trave more!)

So yaaaaaaaaaaay lets embrace nice weather because I love the sun, and what better way to do it than with these perfect pastels, first up is 'Cool as' and its a lovely muted mint green creme polish, here I am wearing 2 layers over base coat.

Next up we have 'Gorg', and this lilac crelly really is just that, gorgeous! I'm wearing 3 layers over base coat, and the opacity is not bad at all!

As always I loved the formula, the consistency is just perfect for easy application, and despite being cream polishes there really is no streaking either.

Lastly I have a glitter topper, this is 'Pocket Rocket' and it's a transparent base with small silver holographic dots, and stars and hearts in silver, gold, pink and blue, all holographic too. Here I have it layered over Gorg.

The formula of this polsh wasn't as great as all the others I have tried so far, the clear base is quite thick and jelly like, and it's also difficult to get glitters on the nail becasue they are quite thick and heavy too, and even if you manage to pick one up on your brush, you will sweep the glitter off your nail again with the next stroke of the brush anyway.
I found the best way to apply this polish was to fish for the glitter I wanted, scrape the pieces on the mouth of the bottle to remove them from the brush but positioned so that you can easily pick them up again, then scrape off all excess polish from the brush too until it's as clean as you can get it. After that I picked up the glitter pieces left draining on the mouth of the bottle with the brush and placed them on my nail individually, that way  the glitter pieces are sticky enough to attach but I'm not actually applying any polish yet. Once all the glitters were in place I did one coat of the actual polish over the top of them, and the few glitters that were stuck to the brush came off much easier once there was already other glitter on the nail to stick to, and so gave a nicer random effect over the top of the glitter I had already positioned myself.

It did require a bit of patience and it took a long time to dry, but the holographic glitters they use are quite nice, there is no curling or bleeding and the colours are nice too, so I will probably just keep fishing the pieces out of this bottle for nail art and maybe use a different top coat for them.

Regardless of the glitter topper adventures, I still think Mode overall is a fantastic polish brand, and even if you do end up just fishing pretty glitter pieces out of one random polish, for a couple of dollars a bottle you still can't go wrong, can you!?

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