Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Nail Art Challenge, Inspired by an Artist - Degas

Nail art challenge Tuesday is a quick one today, as I was just feeling totally blah about this weeks artist, Degas. He's mostly known for his impressionist paintings of ballerinas, and I'm just not the frills and bows ballerina kind of girl to be honest! 

I picked the following image to work from as I liked the colours in this dress.

My mani is a bit rubbish to be fair, nothing awesome came to mind looking at Degas's images so I just tried to imitate the dress a little, I did a yellow base with Sinful Colours 'Unicorn', and then with a brush I attempted to add some white frills and some brush strokey flowers, the thrills turned out a bit too subtle though.

I still think Im doing pretty well though, this is only the second artist that has made me feel 'meh' which is not bad considering how many there have been, so I think I can forgive a couple of boring mani's out of the whole challenge!

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