Friday, 13 September 2013

Pink and Gold Glitter Mani

I keep seeing swatches of pink and gold polishes all over the place, and they just make me drool, pink and gold is my favourite colour combination ever but I don't have any polishes like this! I have been keeping an eye out for a while but haven't come across any anywhere. I don't really shop online until I've got a nice princely some to go mad with, so most of my purchases are collected bit by bit in retail. (This is also how I trick my husband into thinking I don't spend that much on polish lol).

If you've been following me for a while, you will know that I'm the impatient type and always resort to improvisation when I don't find what I want! So I dug out my pink and gold polishes to see what I cold come up with.

I started with a light pink base using Nfu-Oh 354 and using the saran wrap / cling film technique I dabbed a warm light gold from BC Co. in shade 23. Then I finished it off with a BYS gold glitter topper 'Million Dollar Baby' which has light gold hexes in 3 different sizes, and I did 4 coats of it on the ring finger to get a heavy glitter accent nail.

Normally I prefer a darker dusky antique rose pink, but this pale pastel pink is not bad either, it look's really feminine, lively yet elegant. 

Imma still be on the search for an antique rose and gold polish, so if you guys have any suggestions for retail brands that I can stumble across fairly easily then lemme hear it please!

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