Friday, 14 February 2014

Brazilian Polish Swatches - Neutrals

Today I'm doing a post just about neutral shades, the main reason for this is that a couple of the neutral shades I have are brands that I have no others of, so rather than doing a post for just one polish of one brand, I've stolen a couple of neutrals from other brand collections I have and added them to those couple of singles so I can fluff this post up a bit!

The first brand we already looked at yesterday, and that is Impala, though to be honest, you wouldn't even know it was the same brand, the difference is astounding. I had high expectations of the quality after my experiences with the fabulous polishes I posted yesterday, but instead I was left feeling sorely disappointed, but I'll get to that in a second. This polish is from the 'Disco' collection, which doesn't make much sense to me as I don't see what's disco about a neutral shade, but ah well! It's called 'Filo'  (Mesh - as in the textile) and is an off white creme leaning ever so slightly pink. What I was disappointed about with this polish was the formula. It was really quite dense and very difficult to get thin even coats, it streaked like hell and didn't level out on the nail and had an uneven and lumpy finish, even 3 coats of top coat couldn't smooth that bitch out! You can see here in the picture that along the sides of each nail there are faint shadow lines from the unlevel streaking in the polish. I know that a bit of streaking is to be expected from cremes, but this was just too much. A far cry from the great quality of yesterday's polishes, and it's a shame because this shade suited my skin tone really well.

Moving on from the disappontment to something considerably better, (which is totally wrong considering I am now talking about a cheap and cheerful drugstore brand and not something more high end like Impala!) I have this rather lovely creme in a shade of light tan/brown leaning taupe with a subtle copper shimmer from 'Beauty Color' and this is called 'Sand'. For a cheap little drug store brand it wasn't too bad, unlike the expensive Impala the streaking was minimal, and it's a really lovely colour that looks great with a tan.

This next one is my favourite of all the neutrals and is another cheap drugstore brand 'Colorama'. To be honest I've tried a few from this brand (and I'll be showing some of them in tomorrows post) and it's always been a bit hit and miss, sometimes it's been a bit too dense and streaks similar to the first Impala, other times it's way too watery and completely floods my cuticles if I'm not extremely careful in my application, others have been more or less OK. So yeah, this brand kinda needs to work on at least getting the formula consistent, but what I like about it is that they have quite a vast core collection of some really interesting and pretty shades. The one I am about to show you is called 'Champagne' and it's a very light fleshy pink with a golden shimmer, it's a stunning base for a classic french. The formula on this particular shade is a bit dense, but nothing that a drop of thinner and a good top coat can't sort out, and I can live with that because I love the colour and it really suits me.

Last one for the neutrals post is actually quite dark, it's a weird shade of taupe that I'm not quite sure how to classify, but despite it's darkness it still feels like a neutral shade to me. To be honest I'm not entirely sure that this is a Brazilian brand, it has very vague info on the bottle and doesn't even have a name or number, but my sister in law Deborah gave it to me as a gift, and it was purchased here in Brazil cheaply which leads me to believe it's not an import, as all imported goods are subject to a tax of 100% of the purchase price upon entering the country, making imported polishes very expensive here. Either way, I got it here so I'm counting it! The brand name is 'Doty by Broadway' and as I mentioned earlier does not appear to have a name, it's a charcoal gray yet also slightly brown leaning taupe with a strong violet shimmer, I found it quite unusual and loved it just for that. The formula was pretty decent too.

So those be my neutrals and I like 75% of them, not too bad I reckon! Join me tomorrow to check out some of the pretty colours I have from Colorama!

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