Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Brazilian Polish Swatches - L'Apogee Part 2

More gorgeous polishes that the intar-webz is not already flooded with yaaaaay, you gotta appreciate that shit! 

I've got 4 more from the L'Apogee brand today, and I love these even more than yesterdays

Though L'Apogee really rock it with the glitters and I have been mostly interested in those, (I have been trying to just buy polishes with nice effects and finishes and avoid standard colours that you can get from most brands, as I do have to cart them all back to Europe in my suitcase after all!) but there was one non glitter that I found that I just had to have! 

This is from the collection 'Mil Encantos' (A Thouand Enchantments) and even has a little doodle of the famous paving pattern from copacabana beach and Christ the Redeemer in Rio De Janeiro, both of which I was lucky enough to see for myself in January! The polish is a gorgeous cornflower blue, slightly metallic creme with a subtle gold shimmer, and even though it's not glitter I still did a macro so you could see the shimmer better, the shimmer is what really makes this polish and gives it a lovely marine green tint when you move it around in the sun!

This next polish is pretty standard, if you can call holo gitter standard! This (and the next polish too actually) is from the 'Special' collection and is called 'Intuicao' (Intuition, and there should be accents on some of those letters but my english keyboard doesn't do them!) and is a black jelly base packed with silver holo glitter, it's a pretty basic polish, but as we all know, anything that has the word 'Holographic' in it's description really just has to be mine! For a jelly it had good opacity and stood up to the usual 3 coats for this brand. I included a slightly blurred pic as without a blur my camera doesn't pick up holo colours very well, but no macro as we all know what standard silver glitter looks like!

The third polish is also a black jelly, but this baby has got a pretty special glitter mix in it, I absolutely ADORE this polish! I normally don't like glitter polishes with too many different colours of glitter mixed together, but this combination is just soooooo perfect! This is called 'Night' and I really think that this is what the night sky would look like if you managed to get a better look at it through a telescope and could see some spacey bits! Telling you what the glitter is exactly is no easy task though I can tell you! From what I can tell it has small hexes in blue, violet, copper, silver and gold, medium hexes in aqua green, silver and gold, and large hexes in a bright blue, gold and copper. I have of course included a macro so that you can get a better look, but it was done in the shade as full sun gave too much glare to see the colours well.

Lastly I have another polish that I adore, this is actually from the same collection 'Fantastic Glitters' that I showed you two of yesterday, but I decided to keep it seperate because I wanted to show you what fun you could have with it! This is called 'Vermelho Absurdo' (Absurd Red) though I found it to be much more pink than red. Its a dark cerise crelly with black microdots and small matte black hexes.

Now what does this polish remind you of? It's not exactly the right shade of red/pink, but it's pretty similar to a watermelon, so I decided to have some fun with it and add a french tip!

How cool is that?! I've seen loads of water melon nail art around, but how could I resist when it was just as simple as adding a french tip in green! Easy peasy! I do apologise for the slightly wonky tip lines though, I literally just swiped it on fast for demonstration purposes, but with more time, patience, and a proper nail art brush I could have done a better job!

The formula of all these polishes was just as I described in yesterdays post, smooth and easy to apply, good durability and no streaking. I really love this brand, and every time I return to Brazil to visit the inlaws I think I'll be stocking up on whatever I can!

I'll be back tomorrow with another brand that I didn't really know about until I got here, the brand is a little more expensive than this one, but they have some stunners! Don't miss 'em!

UPDATE: Literally 2 minutes after this post went live, I discovered that my nail besty in Australia just posted watermelons too, and neither of us had any idea of the other's intentions! Yay for random coincidence bestie twin nails! (Her's are better than mine though cos she didn't have a polish that made it easy to cheat and unlike myself  actually made an effort!)
Go check hers out at http://dorothyandalice.tumblr.com/ and give her a round of applause for her technique and clean up, my girl is getting more skilled everyday! I'm like a proud mum right now! 



  1. OMG! Watermelon!! That's so cute!

  2. Ai que lindas, adorei!!! :)



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