Thursday, 13 February 2014

Brazilian Polish Swatches - Impala

Hello Lovelies!

It's half past midnight here in Florianopolis and I meant to post this hours ago, but Floripa (as it's called by the locals) is a party island full of hippies, backpackers and dread locked types, and with the local fancy hotel throwing a free pool party with live music, you can guess where I've spent most of the day! But here I am anyway, and better late than never right?! Today's (or rather tonight's!) brand is Impala, and I hadn't seen anything online about this brand before I got here either, but they have some beauties! For those of you that are into that kinda thing, they are also 3 free!

I'm gonna start with a couple of basic polishes that I got because they were on sale, I have purple and green, again! But only because these were the only 2 colours from the collection left on the sale rack! Despite being colours I already have a million versions of, I really wanted them because they are metallic, and I really don't have much metallic polish in my collection!

This first one is 'Meu Estilo' (My Style) and is a gorgeous aqua green.

The next polish is 'ficadica' (which apparently is slang for 'tip' as in: I'll give you a tip on how to use it!)  and it's a really striking dark lilac.

I liked these two polishes, they were a bit sheer and needed 3 coats for full opacity, so I doubt that like other metallic polishes they would be good for stamping, and they are a little streaky, but nothing that bothers me that much. For the price I got them at I'm perfectly happy. The next three polishes I'm about to show you though, those are the real beauties! ;)

I am totally in love with this next polish! It's called 'Charming' from the 'Brilliant Glam' collection and is a very light blue crelly base with tiny blue and silver glitter, small green hexes and tiny blue bar glitter. It doesn't sound like much I know, but just look at it! I have actually worn this polish before I got the chance to swatch it, but it was really really sheer, even with the glitter it took a full 6 coats to get complete opacity! Aint nobody got time for that! So, as the standard polish bottle size in Brazil is only a mere 8ml (meeerrrrrr) I didn't want to waste the time or the polish trying to get the same opacity as before just because I hate visible nail lines, so this time I just did two coats over a white creme base. What I can tell you is that 2 coats over white is waaaaaaaaay prettier than 6 coats on a natural nail! I normally don't like bar glitter either, but I can live with this tiny stuff and it suits the polish nicely.

 As if this polish wasn't gorgeous enough, next up I've got more HOLO'S! And these two are spectacular!

The first spectacular holo is from the 'Celebrations - Prismatic' collection, and is called 'Conquiste Sempre' (Always Conquer) and it sure as hell conquered the shit outta me! The bottles already more than half empty and I'm gonna have to replace this bad boy before I leave Brazil!  It's a cool toned dark gold with very fine non linear holo sparkle. What I like about this holo is that the flare is quite strong, but because it's diffused and not linear it's quite subtle at the same time. I also just adore gold, so I never stood a chance of resisting this one did I!

Yet another spectacular holo to finish with, again with almost half the bottle gone already! This is the 'Army' collection and is called 'Mira 3D' (3D Target) and it's the only one I've seen from this collection, I really really want to see the others! This polish has a charcoal grey jelly base with a strong violet shimmer and is packed with silver holo glitter.

As usual, blurred picture because you see all the holo colours better that way! (It did disguse the violet shimmer though!)

The formula on these last 3 polishes were great, full opacity in 3 coats on the holos, nice smooth, streak free application and good durability. As I mentioned in a previous post all the polish here in Brazil seems to take a bit longer to dry so you really need a quick drying top coat, but it is incredibly hot and humid here, Australia was sub-tropical but here is full blown tropical, so it may just be the climate that causes the long drying time.

 I'd like to buy a million more of these but they are a bit pricier than the average polish here, and seen as both me and my husband are living off savings I was lucky to get away with these 3! Actually, with almost a 40 bottle stash of different brands so far, I'm surprised the hubby hasn't cut me off already! Hahahahaha

Stay tuned tomorrow to see what other awesome brands I convinced him to let me buy! :D

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