Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Brazilian Polish Swatches - Cora Part 2

Hey there!

This is day 2 of my stash of Brazilian 'Cora' polishes and I seriously heart this particular collection!
The collection is called 'Via Lactea' (Milky Way) and is divided into 3 parts, or collections within a collection if you like, 'Raio Do Sol' (Sun Ray), 'Luar' (Lunar), and a third collection that is something to do with stars, though I don't remember the name exactly because I didn't buy any. Basically the starry collection was just holographic glitter in a clear base, one gold, one silver etc, and let's be honest, I have plenty of those already!

I have three of the Raio Do Sol and one from the Luar collection, but only because it's the only one from the Luar collection that I could find, otherwise I might have had more!

So let's start with the Luar collection, this is called 'Gallileu' (I think I might be insulting if I translated that actually!) and is a decently tinted bright magenta jelly, filled with silver glass fleck glitter. I have bought a lot of pink polishes while I have been here, some I am still yet to show you, but in my defense, I did mention some months ago that even though I like pink it's a colour somewhat lacking in my collection for some reason! The excessive purchasing of pink polish this season could also be due to the fact that I died my hair bright magenta pink at the beginning of this summer, and I guess I just had to have matching polishes!

Now for the Raio Do Sol collection and these are my favourites because the colours are just too amazing!

This first polish I LOVE despite thinking I wouldn't, and it's a lime green jelly densely packed with bright yellow gold glass fleck glitter called 'Colossal'. In the end this was too sheer to wear on it's own (at least for my personal taste) and I had to layer this over white like yesterdays crellies, but it came out exactly the same colour just without the visible nail line.This particular one my sister in law Deborah bought for me (I got the rest) and I honestly thought I would really hate it, because of all the colours in the spectrum I dislike lime green the most, but with this bright yellow glass fleck it was just too awesome to not love!

These next 2 polishes are my absolute favourites, they are soooooo beautiful, first I'm gonna show you second place and as usual save the best til last!
This is 'Radius' and is a gorgeous bright blue jelly with extra fine gold and green glitter giving it that lovely green glow. Technically the glitter is not glass fleck, but it is so fine that as it layers up with each coat into little groups it gives the impression of glass flecks. I took a second photo of this polish in the shade as in direct sun is was difficult to make out the glitter effect properly, and in the shade it is more teal blue and just beautiful!

Lastly my favourite, and this is a stunning dark antique rose with the same ultra fine gold glitter as the blue polish, giving that fake glass fleck appearance, and this is called 'UV'. If you have followed this blog for a while you will have seen me mention several times that my favourite colour combination in the whole world is pink and gold, especially antique rose with gold, so this polish is just the top of the top of the top for me! Consider that antique rose and gold is also actually very difficult to find in a polish, and you will understand when I say that I nearly screamed the shop down when I found this!!!

I apologise for the polsh application looking a bit sheer in places, I'm pretty annoyed by it actually as it's all just camera trickery, I always check my polish in full sun to make sure it's fully opaque before I take the pictures, and I promise you that to the naked eye it was flawless! Then when I looked at the photos after I had taken it off the camera had picked it up as quite light in places, mostly on the index and little fingers, I was so annoyed!

I applied 3 coats of all of these polishes and that was enough for full opacity (apart from the green which was layered over white, and the rest were opaque at least to the naked eye!) and the formula was just perfect with a nice smooth finish.
There was a dark emerald green of this Raio Do Sol collection too which I didn't buy in favor of the others, and I'm really starting to regret that decision now as I don't think I'll have the opportunity to go back to the city and buy it before we leave Brazil in a couple of weeks! GAH! I should have just stook to the essential rule - BUY ALL THE POLISH!

In the next couple of days I'm gonna show you a few more brands that I have one or two of, and to finish the swatcathon I'm going to show you the two top brands that I was most excited about purchasing when I first found out I was coming to Brazil! When the final swatches are up I will be announcing the details and prizes of my Brazilian polish giveaway (which shoud be around Thursday or Friday of next week) So stick with me ladies as it's just gonna get better and better!

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