Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Brazilian Polish Swatches - Ludurana D'lux and Alta Definicao

Yay more Ludurana polishes and I have a couple of polishes from two different collections to show you today! A couple of these were even on my wish list!

The first collection is 'Alta Definicao' (High Definition) and they are just simple metallics in bright gold and silver. The reason I wanted them is because I don't have a silver as bright as this one, and I don't have a gold as bold as this one either, the silvers I have are more like shimmery shades of grey, and I usually normally go for lighter tones of gold and this one is pretty dark, so I needed the variety.

This polish is called 'Prata Pura' (Pure Silver) and is a really light super bright metallic polish, just blinding in the sun. It has a quite a pasty texture but apply's really smoothly and dries super fast too.

The second is called 'Ouro Puro' (Pure Gold) it's dark and warm toned but did not have the same texture as the silver polish, this was more of the usual jelly base and takes quite a bit longer to dry, though technically it does say that they are fast dry on both bottles. The gold Is faster drying than the average polish here, but not as fast as the silver.

The next polishes are from the D'lux collection and were both on my wish list, so when I found them at a slightly discounted rate I snapped them up!

This is called 'Acao' (Action) and is a light fuchsia shimmery jelly with very light gold, large fleck glitter. It had a really nice consistency and went on nice and smooth despite the odd shaped glitter. I'm really loving the fleck type glitters and think I'm going to need many more!

This last one is my absolute favourite and is called 'Jambo' (which is just one of those made up names and doesn't really mean anything!) This a dark magenta jelly densly packed with fine glass fleck glitter which flickers between blue and violet. Again this had a pefect formula, and was so much more sparkly than it is in the picture. I also have a ring that matches this polish perfectly, but that was even worse to get pictures of than the polish! It's basically a trasparent magenta, oval shaped stone, with the surface that is rough as though it were covered in tiny glass shards, but the shards are actually irridescent blue and violet and the pink stone shines through from underneath. It's just cheap crap that turns my finger green, but it's sooo pretty and is just totally the jewellry baby of this polish!

I still have more Luduranas and as usual I always save the best til last! So keep up with me this week as then it will be the giveaway!

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