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Brazilian Polish Swatches - Ludurana and Bonus Brand Mohda Flakies!

So I'm back with more gorgeous polishes for you (and these are truly gorgeous!) but I confess I told a little lie! I said this was Ludurana week because I completely forgot that I have another brand of flakies to show you! I had been saving them until now because I really wanted to show you one of them with one of the Ludurana polishes I will show you today, but I forgot all about it until I found the photos again last night, so today you get an unexpected bonus brand! Yay!

So I'm going to start with the Luduranas, this first one I found in a sale bin, and I almost didn't buy it until I actually opened the bottle. It's called 'Rubra' (Ruby!) and on the bottle it said was a creme polish, but I was confused because in the bottle it looked black not red, and I thought there must be some kind of mistake so out of pure curiosity I opened the bottle, and I'm sure as hell glad I did! What I discovered inside was not a creme polish, but an absolutely stunning deep blood red jelly! It reminded me of the fake gel blood you can buy at halloween, and it went straight in my shopping basket!

It's a very darkly tinted jelly and I managed to get full opacity in 4 coats which I was very pleased about, I absolute ADORE the colour, but what I love the most about this polish is the finish, it's the glossiest shiniest polish I have ever seen, it reflects the light like pure glass! It is so shiny that I dared not even touch it for hours because it just appeared to be wet and I couldn't be sure if it had even dried or not! I have never seen a top coat that can achieve this kind of mega gloss! Top coat would just ruin it!

I also took pictures of this polish in the shade where the reflective surface was even more apparent, but in the end I chose not to show them, because in that perfectly reflective surface on each single nail was a crystal clear image of my face! I looked a right mess too, shitty hair no makeup and pyjamas! lol! So as I also work as a model I have a reputation that does not permit me to circulate photos of myself looking anything less than FABULOUS! hahahahaha.

On to the next polish, and this one is from the collection that was on the very top of my wishlist! The absolutely incredible 'Aurora Boreal' multichrome collection! Unfortunately I was only able to find this one, it turns out the Brazilian girls don't like this particular colour much and I found it on sale everywhere, but only this colour! The only place I ever saw the rest of the collection was on the stall that I posted a pic of on last fridays's post, but they were really expensive, even if I had known that I would never see that stall again I still don't think I would have bought them. To give you an idea of how expensive, the average polish here retails for 4 Brazilian Reals, the average Ludurana polish retails at around 8 Reals, but the Aurora Boreal collection on this stall were a whopping 20 Reals each! I was with my mother in law too and I think she may have fainted had she witnessed me spending so much for one polish, especially in a country where saying that money is 'tight' would be a massive understatement! I have since found a Brazilian website that still has the whole collection for sale, and to be honest, I think once I get back to Europe and start earning again, I'm going to purchase the full collection (at a nice price cos the conversion from euro to real is awesome!) and have it delivered to my mother in laws house to keep until I visit next! It will be difficult to live until next January knowing that they are sitting there waiting for me, but at least they will be mine!!!

Anyways, the polish! This one is called 'Espetacular' (can you figure it out?!) and is a multichrome wihich shows gold, copper, red, green and even a hint of blue at extreme angles.Personally I thought it was lovely and couldn't understand why it was the only colour that had not been sold out like the others. Being a multichrome I took a shit ton of photographs in different lighting and stuff, these first 2 were taken in full sun where the colours come up quite dark and metallic.

Tilted at an angle you can start to see the green coming through, but in full sun you can really only see this red, orangey copper and green.

These next pics were taken in the shade and the colours are much lighter with a lot more of the gold tones coming through.

Of course, to do a multichrome polish any real justice with photography, I had to dunk my hand in some water and catch ALL the magic colours. We had just had a lot of rain so it was too cold to get in the pool, I had to settle for lying on the floor next to it and dangling my hand in there to get the pics, but the family actually had work men at the house wondering around and fixing stuff, I swatched a few multichromes in the pool that day, and I'm sure they thought I was quite mad lying on the floor every half hour and dunking my hand in the pool to take pics, I was getting some very strange looks, but screw em', they wouldn't understand even if I had explained!

Look at all those amazing colours! I love how the red becomes so dark and deep but still goes through the whole colour shift all the way to the blue! I apologise for the reflections on the water surface, I didn't realise they were there until days later when I went to sort the pics, and I had already travelled to my husband's home city by then, didn't have the polish with me or access to a pool to re-do the photos! Here's one more pic that captured the blue just perfectly!

What I loved most about this polish is that I didn't need to mess around with a black base first, I did swatch a finger over black just to check, but the polish is so highly pigmented it made absolutely no difference, the formua is fantastic, the only polish I ever wore here that was flawless in 2 coats, and it has a really glossy finish too which is unusual for metallic type polishes, have another look at the pics taken in the shade and see how glossy it is, no top coat!

 Now for the flakies! This first one I wanted to show you with the Ludurana polish I just showed you, because it's a colour shifting flaky with exactly the same colour range, and turns a magic polish into a mind blowing one! The brand is called is 'Mohda' and the collction is 'Flocado Estilo' (Flaked style). This particular polish is called 'Techno' and had an amazing formula for a flaky, it's densly packed with flakes and you get a lot of coverage in just two coats, and it dries perfectly smooth, if you run your finger over it (when it's dry!) you wouldn't even know that there were any flakies in there!
This first pic was taken in full sun, which didn't show much of a colour shift in the flakies, but they gave the Ludurana a stunning sparkle and helped to bring out more of the Luduranas gold tones which without the flaky were not very visible in full sun.

This next pic was taken in the shade and the green and copper tones of the flaky are much more obvious, and combined with the colour shift of the base polish just looks frickin' awesome!

And of course, I took an underwater pic too! So gorgeous I can't even get over it! It's polishes like this that remind me why I love polish so much in the first place, you can get so many amazing effects that just can't be reproduced in make-up or clothing!

I also have a couple of pictures of this flaky layered over a plain black creme base so that we can appreciate the colour shift of the flakies alone without the added confusion of the shifting base below. The clouds were coming back to start raining again when I was ready to take this first picture and so couldn't get a full sun shot, but shifters don't fare well in full sun anyway so I figured you would forgive me! 

Ahhhh just as glorious even without a shifty base! I took a pic in the pool too and was surprised to discover a very blue tone to it, you couldn't see that even in the bottle!

One last flaky from Mohda and this is called 'Mix Ballada' which I was unable to translate! I should have swatched this one first, it's not a colour shifter but it's still pretty, it's just that after witnessing the magic of the last one it made me feel a bit meh! I have to get that colour shifter out of my head and try this other one another day and I'm sure I'll feel better about it! It has blue, green and copper flakies, and I have it here layered over black in full sun and shade. Though not as pretty as the last one the formula was just as great!

So that's it for todays post, I hope you enjoyed the bonus flakies and the shit ton of pics of colour shifters! lol! Tomorrow I have the very last of my Brazilian polish haul, but as always I saved the best til last, so if you thought that today's polishes were beautiful, tomorrow Imma' blow yer socks off! Don't miss it!

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