Thursday, 20 February 2014

Brazilian Polish Swatches - Mixed Brands

Welcome back lovelies, today's post has 3 polishes that are all seperate lonely brands that I only have one of, but that makes em' special right? :)

The first brand is 'Eliana' and the polish is called 'Chrome Attitude', as you can tell from the name it's a metallic chrome polish! I don't think that technically it's a duochrome, though when in the shade and the sun you get two different colours. In the sun it's a gorgeous dark purple with a bright violet shimmer where the light hits it, and in the shade it's a dark  marroon brown with a hint of purple. It had a nice smooth and easy to apply formula, opaque in 3 coats, and I got it for less than a dollar in a sales bin! Don't have many browny shades in my collection, and it was a bargain, so winner!

The next polish was actually created by some famous Brazilian designer for a large chain of pharmacies own line, so the brand is actually the name of the pharmacy 'Panvel'. It's a beautiful pinky coral orange with a strong gold shimmer, and is simply called 'Coral' The formula is a little dense but nothing that I can't work with, but even though it's a bit dense it still needed 3 coats, the density also means it streaks a bit if you're not careful. I also have to make sure each coat is fully dry before I apply the next, otherwise it bubbles quite badly, so application time is a bit long, and it's a total no go if you're in a rush. I do really love the colour though, It's a great summer polish when I have the patience for it!

This last polish is frankly a bit of a cheat, because it's not actually a Brazilian brand at all and says on the bottle that it was made in Los Angeles. But I'm going on the rule 'I bought it here so I'm counting it' simply because I am totally in love with it and just HAD to show you it. I think this might be my most favourite glitter polish of all time, so how could I not show you it regardless of where it comes from?!!
The brand is 'Cherimoya' which I had never heard of until I came across this, now I'm curious to know where else in the world I can find it, because if they have any more glitter polishes similar to this one, I'm going to NEED THEM ALL.
Basically it's a glitter topper in a lightly tinted peachy transparent base, and the reason I love it so bad is that the glitter is not made out of the usual foil, it's actually made from mylar. If you don't know mylar, it's basically a transparent plastic material that comes in different light pastel coloured tints, and the effect of the pastel tint on plastic gives it this totally magical color changing rainbowy irridesence that reminds me of my favourite precious stone in the world, the opal. 
This particular polish is called 'Electric Heaven' which is a pretty suitable name, because everytime I wear it I feel like I have actual heaven on my nails! As it's just a topper in these pictures I have it layered over a base colour, I prefer this mylar glitter when it's layered over a very light base but I have also done more pictures with it layered over a dark colour too. As this glitter is technically transparent, it's also a bit of a bitch to photograph, so I've done a few in different lighting to try and catch all the different colours. The base contains tiny microdots and medium size hexes in a predominantly golden peachy colour, but the glitter ranges from gold to green to orange in the shade, and from blue to pink to violet in the sun, it also has a small spattering of light matte pink stars in it too, not too many though, just enough for you to get one or two on each nail. The consistency is a bit thick and gloopy and needs a good fast drying top coat, but frankly it could have the consistency of porridge (thats oatmeal to you Americans!) and I wouldn't give a crap, I love it so much I would totally make it work anyway!

First the pictures layered over a light base of 'Australis' Sinfully Sweet.

This is the polish in direct sunlight with the sun behind me shining directly onto the nails, you can mostly make out blue tones but to the naked eye there is also violet and pink too.

This time I am facing the sun so it is shining on my face but the nails are backlit by the sun rather than having it shining directly on them. There is the blue tone from before but a lot more gold and peach tones here too.

This is in the shade, but it's still difficult to pick up the pink and aqua green tones you get, like I said, a bitch to photograph! 

In the next pic I have the glitter topper layered over 'Colorama' - Noite Quente, which I swatched for you all in last fridays post.

This pic was taken in direct sun light, on a darker base the blue tones are much darker but you can at least make out a bit of green and peachy tones too. 

In this picture the polish is backlit by the sun, and the gold and peach tones are much stronger. I did also do a pic in the full shade, but it was just the same as this one really.

Unfortunately this was just one of those polishes where there is not a photo in the world that will do it even a bit of justice. It has to be seen to be believed! If you have access to this brand go now and buy this immediately, I promise you will not be disappointed, and if you are I will let you slap me in the face, I am that confident that anyone would love this just as much as I do. If you do find it, let me know if there are more similar!!

I have only 2 brands left to show you which are the two I was most excited about buying, I only managed to find a few of one brand so I will show you those tomorrow, and I managed to buy quite a few of the last brand, some of which are frankly spectacular, so the final brand will span out over 2 or 3 days next week. I really did save the best til last so make sure you tune in! 

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