Saturday, 15 February 2014

Brazilian Polish Swatches - Colorama

Welcome back to my Brazilian polish swatchathon, today I have the kind of brand that we all love, the cheap and cheerful drugstore kind! Sure, drugstore brands are certainly not as awesome as our beloved OPI's and China Glazes and what not, but they are definitely not without their uses or their own charm, and at the cheap prices we get them at we can also hold them responsible for assisting us in owning an impressive quantity of polishes! What's not to love!

My drugstore brand of the day is 'Colorama' and I showed you one of these in yesterday's neutrals post. To re-cap what I said about this brand yesterday, the formula is a bit hit and miss, sometimes being quite dense and other times quite runny, but if you've got the patience and skill to work with that, they have a pretty vast selection of basic but interesting colours, and today I'm going to show you another 4 that I have in my possession! Raiding the stashes of other girls that I have got to meet here in Brazil, I have seen more awesome colours from this brand that I want even more than the ones I already have, but unfortunately have not yet come across to purchase, so let it be known that even if you don't love the colours I have today, it would be impossible for you not to find something from this brand that you totally adore! 

First up is 'Noite Quente' (Hot Night) and is a simple purple creme with a super glossy finish.

Next is 'Absinto' (Absynth) and is a luscious minty green with a very subtle lime shimmer.

The last 2 are my favourites and also managed to surprise me, as when I bought them I believed they were just plain cremes, and it wasn't until I wore them and saw them properly in the sun that I realised they both have a shimmer too! When I'm in the shade the shimmer is completely inperceptable, so it's a bit like having 2 finishes in one polish!

This is 'Jeans' and is a gorgeous navy blue with a slighly muted greyish tone to it, and a very subtle silver shimmer which you can only just about make out around the cuticle area.

Lastly this is 'Ametista' (Amethyst - I keep translating the names but I'm sure many of them are quite obvious!) and it's a stunning deep black purple with a silver shimmer.

I guess I have a particular fondness for this last one just because of it's name! Even if you don't know this blog well, you may have deduced from it's title that my name is Jem, which of course refers to precious and semi - precious jewels such as the Amethyst. As a result of my name I have always had a fascination with precious stones and have a collection of rocks from all over the world almost as big as my polish collection! I have opals and sapphires from Australia that I mined myself! Turquoise from Argentina, Citrine from Chile, and some beautiful Amethyst pieces from right here in Brazil, as Amethyst is the most comonly found semi-precious stone mined on this land. I am also a June baby and it is often debated that Amethyst is the birthstone of June (even though many say it is the pearl instead) so what with my new Brazilian family ties, my birth month and my general affinity to beautiful rocks, I couldn't help but love this beautiful Brazilian polish gem!

These polishes are simple with no fancy finishes, but are still well and truly deserving of a place in my collection, and perfect for a number of nail art applications, and with that awesome drugstore price that I love so much you just can't go wrong! 

I may be back tomorrow with some Valentine's nail art seen as I keep missing the holiday nail art occasions, but as a big storm just showed up here and I don't have an indoor light setting for photos here in Brazil, whether or not I am able to post some nail art tomorrow all depends on if there is any sun in the morning to take some pictures! If not I guess I will have to miss another holiday mani, we shall see!

Even if I miss tomorrow, I will still be back on Monday to show you the rest of my Brazilian polish collection, and there are still many more polishes to go! Yay!

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