Monday, 24 February 2014

Brazilian Polish Swatches - Ludurana Duo Chromes

Hey everyone! Welcome to the third and final week of my Brazilian polishes swatchathon! 

I have been showing you new different brands almost everyday the last couple of weeks, but this week is a little different as I really only have one brand left to show you, my favourite of all Brazilian Polishes - Ludurana! I had been drooling over pics of some of these polishes for the longest time, and when I found that I was actually going to come to Brazil I almost died! Finally I was going to get my hands on some long time lemmed polish beauties! I have managed to get my hands on quite a few Ludurana polishes while I've been here, some from my lemmings list, some not, but I still have more Luduranas in my collection than any other brand, so I will have to spread it out over a few days to not overwhelm you!

Today I am going to start with my least favourites, the duochromes. Now you're asking yourself  'why on earth would duochromes be your least favourite!?' and the sad truth is that a couple of them were frankly a bit disappointing, It's a good job I found them in a sales bin and didn't break the bank on them as with some other Ludurana polishes.  Let's get the biggest disappointment out of the way first.

The first polish is Ludurana Duochrome Magenta-Gold, which I was excited about and thought would be fabulous, but is anything but! Before I go on just take a look at the picture, I already know what you're thinking - 'That my friend - is the shoddiest paint job I have seen you do in a while!' and I couldn't even blame you for thinking so, but I promise it wasn't me, it's just the crappy polish, and I'm sure it's the crappy polish because I painted my nails three times to get this swatch, black base and all! The first time I painted them I thought 'Bloody hell love, you must have beer goggles on today cos you've done a terrible job!', so I took it all off, painted the black base again and covered it with the duochrome. This time I was very careful about my application, but it still looked terrible, and I thought 'Jeeeez I'm going crazy today!'. So I took it all off yet again, re-painted the base, applied the duochrome with painful attention and precision, and when it came up the third time looking just as bad a the first two, well, there was nothing else for it, I just had to resign to the fact that the polish is poop!
First of all, it's not even magenta, it's lavender, and mixed with gold comes up a very strange and rather unattractive shade of lavender, not loving the colour at all.
Secondly, it does just does not apply well. It doesn't matter what I do it just doesn't spread evenly on the nail, there is streaking with dark patches and light patches, It pulls away from the cuticle revealing the black base, and it generally just looks terrible. Three attempts and it still looks bad! I just don't ever want to wear this polish, and wouldn't even know what to do with it to franken it and make it useable! Suggestions on a postcard please!

This next Duochrome is Orange- Blue and disappointed me too, though not nearly as much as the first!
The reason it was disappointing is because there is virtually no duochrome to be seen at all, not on camera, not irl, not in the sun or the shade, there just is no duochrome, only blue (which is surprising because the dominant colour in the bottle is actually orange!!) It's a shame because I thought that orange and blue together would be rather lovely. There is a consolation though, that being that the shade of blue is rather spectacular, and the formula was light years ahead of the last polish, so it might not be the duochrome I hoped for, but it's still pretty and wearable. Here is a pic of it layered over black.

The last duochrome I have I like to call 'the redeemer' because it is everything I want in a duochrome and didn't disappoint even a tiny bit! Unlike the last two it had nice opacity in 3 coats so can be worn on it's own without a black base and the duochrome is still nice and obvious, (I didn't even need to take extra shots at different angles the duochrome is so obvious!) but you can also wear it over a black base too for a much darker shade and a totally different look, so it's a versatile polish too. It also had a very nice non streaky formula. In the first picture I am wearing the polish on it's own, and in the second I am wearing it layered over black.

So these were my Ludurana duochromes, it's not the best collection they ever brought out, you will have to keep tuning in this week to catch my other Ludurana's, some of which are spectacular!

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