Friday, 21 February 2014

Brazilian Polish Swatches - Hits Specialita'

Yaaaaay we've finally made it to my two favourite Brazilian brands, and today it's Hits Specialita' which is 3 free..

To be honest, all the best polishes that I wanted from this brand have been impossible to find. I have searched and searched and searched some more, but they are nowhere to be seen. I have managed to buy a couple that I adore and a couple that I like, but the vast majority of what was on my wish list are still extremely far from my grasp. I'm happy that I found a couple from my wishlist, but mostly disappointed that the rest escaped me :(

The first 3 I will show you are from the 'Glitter World' Collection, all glitter toppers where each polish is named after a major city somewhere in the world. For each topper I have tried to pick a base colour that matches the jelly base of the glitter.

This first polish is named after the city of Cancun in Mexico and it's a light peachy jelly base with magenta micro dots, and holographic medium hexes in gold and magenta. When I say holographic though I really mean it, these glitters are MEGA bright and shine all different colours in the sun. This is two coats layered over Australis - Sinfully Sweet, and as you can see you get a lot of glitter on the nail.

The next polish is named after the island of Ibiza in Spain, and essentially it is just like Cancun but with a much darker orange jelly base, you might say it has quite a brick red tone to it too. I chose to layer it over Duri - Summer Peach, but if you layered it over something more red I'm sure you would get a totally different colour.

The last one I have from the Glitter World collection is named after Rome, and seen as I lived in Rome for 5 whole years, well, I could hardly turn my back on this one could I!? It is awesome though, and is one of the many that was on my wishlist! Its a light pink jelly base with similar glitter to the first two, magenta micro dots and medium hexes in holographic gold, but it also has the addition of medium holographic hexes in blue and purple, and medium and large matte white hexes which give it a totally different look. Again this is just 2 coats and you get so much glitter!

The fourth polish I have to show doesn't appear to be from any particular collection, and is called 'Power Pop'. I thought it was a glitter topper, it's basically a lightly tinted peach jelly base packed with an orange irridescent glitter, so I layered it over Rimmel - Lemon drop. But after applying just two coats of  the glitter I couldn't see the lemon base at all, so I guess you can wear it on it's own too! The irridesence of this polish brings up extra colours of yellow and green, though for some reason when I took the pictures those colours only showed up in the bottle and not my nails. :( Still damn pretty though!

 This last polish, ooooohhhh this last polish! I saw this on a stall in a shopping mall my first week in Brazil and the stall had quite the selection of polishes from my wishlist. I restricted myself to buying just this one from Hits and a couple of other brands, the prices on the stall were quite expensive to be honest, and I thought 'Don't go mad yet, you just got here and can probably buy these cheaper elsewhere'. Just in case though, I did ask the girl if she was in this mall all the time, and she told me she was a permanent fixture, but when I discovered that all the polishes she had were impossible to find elsewhere I went back to the mall to buy my wishlist items from her, and she was gone! Permanent fixture my ass! I deeply regret not buying everything I wanted from her when I was there the first time, I could have smashed most of my wishlist right there, but because she lied to me about being there permanently I lost the chance, and my wish list remains just that, a wish list :( Why would you do that? Why would you not just tell me that you move around and where I can find you so that I can come and give you my money? It makes no sense to me at all, but I need to get out of rant mode before I go over board! GAH!

Here is a picture of my ridiculous face when I first found that stall with my entire wish list on it:
Look at all that damn polish, I should have just spent all our savings right then and there! 

But anyway, the polish. This is from the 'Hits phenomena' collection, and it's a fricking multichrome glitter! A MULTI CHROME GLITTER! I never even knew such a thing existed! I thought it was just polish that could do that, not glitter! A goddamn phenomena indeed! *Cries because she didn't by the whole collection when she had the chance* :(
It's called moonbow, and the dominant colors in it are purple and green (of course!) but at extreme angles you can also get blue, pink, purple, reddish copper and gold.
I did two coats over a base of Colorama - Amethyst, which I swatched in last friday's post, and then tried to take the pictures. In the sun I could just about pick up the purple and green. The green came out very tealy (nice) but even in the shade it was difficult to get more than those 2 colours despite their being many more.

I took literally hundreds of photos just to get these 3, which let's face it, for a multichrome is not that good. I got so hot and bothered about it that I had to take a break and go for a dip in the pool, and that's when I remembered what needed to be done for a polish like this one, under water shots!

I took hundreds more similar pics, but this one just captured all those awesome colours perfectly anyway, and this post is already long enough. Plus, I just don't wanna look at too many pics of this to be reminded of the rest of the collection that I left behind on that stall....... *Cries some more*

At least in the last brand I have to show you next week I had a bit more luck in finding some of my wishlists, though even for this last brand there are still many many more to find!

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