Sunday, 27 January 2013

Sportswomen can't have pretty nails! Ok sometimes!

Backdated post for a design I did sometime in January.

My lovely friend Emma was complaining to me that because she plays netball with a team, she cant grow her nails or really do much to them at all, this made me feel really bad! So at the beggining of a week when her team had no matches, I took advantage of the opportunity to give her some pretties!

The base of this mani was done with one of my lovely cheapo's brought from Europe, I found it in a bargain bin in a discount chemist warehouse, and have never seen it anywhere else ever, not even in other branches of the same franchise of chemist warehouse! The brand is Chresy (weird name) and considering they cost next to nothing they were really fantastic polishes, I bought sooooo many of them, but the vast majority are stuck in my storage unit :(  I named this mani ''Emmarald Dragon'' after I stamped a dragon scale pattern using Deborah Shine Tech number 71, and plate BM208. Then I gave them a final coat of Australis Crystal Colour Top coat with lovely holo flakes, and some rhinestones for extra sparkle!

Apparently when sportswomen finally get nice nails, they REALLY appreciate it, Emma top coated this mani everyday and a got a whole 8 days wear out of it before it started to chip!

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