Thursday, 10 January 2013

Something sophisticated

Backdated post for a design I did sometime in January.

So for this mani I wanted to do something sophisticated, I had been doing a lot of stuff with bright colours, gradients and sparkles, and wanted to tone it down and do something neutral but still interesting, and I really loved the result I got.

I believe the base I used was Maybelline Express Finish number 634 (which wasn't very opaque and I had to do 3 or 4 coats), and stamped with Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine, Number 7. using plate BM201. Once I had done the base and it had dried properly, I taped off a corner of my nail with masking tape and stamped the exposed area, then I removed the tape and defined the 2 areas using black striping tape, and finished each nail with a black crystal.

Now I know I said I love budget stuff and most of my polishes you may never even have heard of, and already from the first post I'm brand name dropping, but keep in mind that if I do possess costly brands it's only for one of 3 reasons:

1: It's one of the the few polishes I brought with me to Australia, which means I bought it in Europe at a much lower price than what you find in Australia.
2: I found it in a bargain bin at a cut throat price.
3: It was given to me as a gift!

In this case, my lovely brand polishes were found in a bargain bin at some random chemist in Australia. Yay bargains!

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