Tuesday, 15 January 2013


Backdated post for a design I did sometime in January.

So the only thing that I am more obssessed with than nail polish, is shoes! I have a modest collection of 25 pairs of heels collected in my mere 6 months in Australia. Yet this is nothing compared to the 200+ pairs of heels I have waiting for me in my storage unit of wordly possessions in Europe. (The same storage unit where the rest of my nail collection awaits too GAH!) Hopefully the contents of that storage unit will be shipped to me soon. Anyways, I digress, back to shoes, no nails! or is it shoes!!? It's both! YAAAAAAY!
I am very fortunate to have a wonderful husband who appreciates a nice pair of heels as much as I do, and so what does he secretly order online and have posted to me while he's visiting his family in Brazil but desires to make me smile during his long absence? These bad boys!

And smile I did! Inspired by these beauties I just had to do a mani to match of course! (Please excuse my fading sun tan, my british skin just isn't cut out for bronze!)

With my trusty masking tape I did neon pink corners on a peachy gold base, and spent hours picking hex glitters out of a glitter polsh! Now for random obscure cheapo polishes: I have no idea what the gold base is, its that cheap the brand name has rubbed off the bottle, though I believe it may actually be the same brand as the neon pink despite being in a completely different bottle, but dont hold me to that.

Anyway the neon pink is YSNY which is a spanish brand, which is really good quality despite being so cheap that I bought it in a chinese shop for 1 euro, and this is colour number 12. I pulled the gold hex glitters out of a bottle of Australian brand BYS, million dollar baby (and how much do I <3 K-mart?) 

I believe I may have to do more mani's based on the shoes in my collection, infact, I'm not sure it can be avoided. 

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