Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Carneval Nails - What I should have worn!

I'm back today with the last of my carneval themed mani's, and today's design was inspired by the 'costume' of Brazil's 'Miss Carneval' Pageant winner. I say 'costume' in parenthesis because it's actually just body paint! Brazilians don't have any problems with plenty of lady flesh on TV!

Basically the pageant was held by the leading TV channel in Brazil who went on to do full coverage of the parades in Rio, and Miss Carneval's role was to do a cute little samba dance to the opening and closing credits of the show, and they also super imposed her in giant size onto the parade runway to introduce the next samba school of costume clad people! The channel is called Globo, and the word for beauty in portuguese is 'beleza', so her title is the 'Globeleza!'

Though her body painting was rather daring and didn't leave much to the imagination, it was rather amazing and done in glitter gradients up her legs, take a look at the picture and see how fab it is!

I decided to do a stripes and spots design with glitter polishes, but it turned out I didn't actually have that many on me, when I left Australia I posted the majority of my polish collection to my mum in the UK so I wouldn't have to travel to Brazil and then Italy with it all, and so I didn't really have a good selection of glitter colours to be able to blend them and do a gradient, but I'm still happy with what I came up with and it looks really fun!

I chose to replicate the glitter paint on naked skin effect by using a nude base.The base is a Brazilian brand which I borrowed from my mother in laws stash, the brand name is 'Risque' (I didn't buy any of their polishes in the end because they have a very basic colour range and I was looking for special effects and glitters mostly) the polish is 'Meia Calza' which my husband tells me means 'stockings'.

The glitter polishes I used were from my Brazilian Cora milky way collection, and one Hits Specialita' glitter, all of which have been swatched for you just a couple of posts ago. ;)

So here is my mani!

As you can see I wasn't exactly spoiled for choice on glitter colours and I would have had a hard time getting a good gradient by combining these colours, but I think that once I get my full collection of polish back I'll give it another go with gradient stripes. I am rather impressed by my dots, I have really struggled in the past to get a nice unifrom effect with my dots all the same size, I think I pulled it off really nicely this time!

As I'm currently nursing two teabag repairs on my blogging hand, the next few designs you will see on the blog will be past designs from the vault that I have still yet to show you!

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  1. Love it! Especially since I'm kind of obsessed with the movie Rio.


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