Thursday, 3 April 2014

Carneval Nails - What I could have worn!

I have another carneval inspired mani today (I'm playing catch up for those of you that are wondering why I'm so late!) and today's is a pretty glitter placement design that I would have loved to have worn if I had actually had the time to do something this complicated!

I took my inspiration from my location for this one, and choose the colours green, yellow and blue from the Brazilian flag! I didn't take a pic in full sun as it was too harsh on the glitter and you couldn't make out the colours of the glitter properly for the reflections, so have a couple of different shade set ups because I couldn't decide which one was best!

The index finger is a little extract from the brazilian flag, and the middle finger represents the parade where the different samba schools who march have their own color theme, resultings in large coloured blocks of people that make the parade look stripy from above! The ring finger is a part of a flower as the costumes are covered in millions of them, and the little finger, not being able to fit much on there, represents the special stadiums in which the brazilian carneval parades takes place, it's kind of like a gigantic concrete models runway with bandstands on either side, called a Sambodromo!
I placed the glitter over a base of Ludurana 'Ouro Puro' (pure Gold)

I did the index finger first and I was super impressed with my very careful and neat glitter placement, after that I'm not sure what happened, It all got a bit higgeldy piggeldy! It looked awesome though! I just wish I had had the time over carneval weekend to do these nails for my partying, I'm sure it would have gotten lots of compliments from the Brasileiros!

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