Friday, 13 December 2013

Imma Raid Your Indie Stash! Pretty and Polished - Newer Collections

Hello! Welcome to the second installment of 'Imma Raid Your Indie Stash!' where I show you some swatches of the cool indie polishes my friend Tegan back in Australia let me play with before I left! It's not everyday that we get left loose to purge our lemmings in someone elses collection, so of course I had to share!

Tegan loves Pretty & Polished which make up the bulk of her indies, last time I showed you some of their older releases and this time I've got some newer stuff, in their new bottle designs and everything!

The first one I'm going to show you is a total glitter bomb, this is 'Rainy Day Lady' which is a clear base with large red and silver hexes, large blue diamonds, and medium hexes in green, yellow and purple.
I probably should have worn this polish over a base colour, but it seemed so packed with glitter I wanted to show it on it's own, so there I go making things difficult for myself because trying to get good nail coverage with just glitter is difficult to say the least!

This is not my cup of tea due to the primary and clashing colours, and it was a bit tricky to position the glitter on my nails and had a long drying time.

Next is 'My Lumps' and this is a shimmery blurple jelly, with yellow glitter cut into glass shard type shapes of all sizes. This was quite an unusual polish and I did quite like the effect.

The polish itself looks pretty cool and I like the combination of colours, but the formula was a bit tricky. The polish itself was quite thick and pasty, and that combined with the irregular shaped glitter shards and needing 3 coats to get good coverage meant the end result was quite thick and lumpy. I didn't even put top coat on as I could see it would need 2 or 3 layers to really smooth it out, but it already looked so thick on my nail and I think the top coat would have just been too much.

This last one is my favourite of all my friends Pretty and Polished that I tried, and this is 'Peebles' a shimmery pink crelly with gold micro dots and small pink and yellow hexes.

The formula on this polish was much better than the other 2, it went on nice and smooth and gave good opacity in the usual 3 coats.

So this is the end of the Pretty and Polished raided from my friends stash, in the next 'Imma raid your Indie stash' post Ill be showing a couple of other different indie makers that I was fortunate enough to get to try out!

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