Saturday, 1 March 2014

Brazilian Polish GIVEAWAY!

Well ladies it's the moment I have been promising for the last 3 weeks - it's finally give away time! Fu*k Yeah!

No doubt many of you have been drooling over the swatches I've been posting, and one of you lucky bitches is going to get to own 10 of them! 

Let's take a closer look at the prizes shall we!?

Ludurana Duo Chromes 'Violet - Blue' 
This was my favourite Ludurana Duo Chrome, and it's versatile as it can be worn on it's own and over black for 2 different looks! I don't know anyone anywhere who doesn't wish they had a Ludurana in their collection!


Hits Specialita' World Glitters Collection!

This is Ibiza, dark orange - red jelly base with small holographic magenta dots, and medium hexes in holographic magenta and gold.

This is 'Roma' Pale pink jelly base with small holographic magenta micro dots, 
medium holographic hexes in blue, purple and gold, and medium and large hexes in matte white.

L'Apogee Fantastic Glitters Collection.
This polish brand is exclusive to Brazil and is not available for international sale! Unless you have a nail mail buddy in Brazil or are a planning a vacation here, the only other way you're getting your hands on these pretties is via my giveaway!

This is 'Azul Magnifico' - light blue crelly base with black microdots and small hexes in magenta and blue.

This is 'Nude Surpreendente' -a very light pink crelly base with black microdots and small hexes in magenta and orange.

This is 'Vermelho Absurdo' - cerise pink crelly with black microdots and medium black hexes.

Cora 'Sampa' collection and 'Via Lactea - Raio Do Sol' collection.
Cora is another brand exclusive to Brazil and not available for purchase internationally , so make sure you enter the give away with as many entry's as possible to get your hands on these otherwise impossible to get polishes!

This Sampa collection is inspired by Sao Paulo and named after its
This is 'Ibirapuera'
I mentioned in my blog post that this kind of green was impossible to capture on a camera, and impossible to colour match in photoshop, it had to be seen with your eyes to know the true colour, so how I could I not include it!

This polish also from the Sampa collection is called 'Garoa'. Both this and the previous green colour are crellys layered over a white base in my pictures.

These next 2 are from the Via Lactea collection and this one is called 'UV' - a dark antique rose with ultra fine gold glitter that builds up coat by coat into a fleck like effect.

This is called 'Radius' and is a bright teal blue with ultra fine gold and green glitter that builds up coat by coat into a fleck like effect. These are my favourite Cora's ever!

All these polishes have been swatched from my own personal haul, but the bottles you receive will be brand new and un-used. I had the idea for the giveaway after starting to swatch my own collection, and then went out shopping again to buy duplicates of whatever I could find from my personal haul! So new and full bottles for you lovelies!

This giveaway is open internationally but PLEASE NOTE that I do not have any special permissions or liscences to post nail polishes under the new postage restrictions. I will do my absolute best to package them properly and ensure that they do not break during transit revealing the contents to postal authorities, I will disguise them the best I can amongst other surprise goodies, and I will blatantly lie to the post office about the packages contents, but I cannot be held responsible if the package does not arrive to you!
I ask that the eventual winner does not give me any drama if the package does not arrive, this is not a sponsored giveaway, these prizes have not been donated! I have purchased these polishes and will pay for the shipping out of my own pocket (and I haven't worked for 6 months!), so if your prize does not arrive then WE BOTH loose, please be respectful of that!

As I will be leaving Brazil and moving onto Italy in a couple of weeks time, the giveaway will run until April 14th 2014 when I can be sure that I will have settled in Italy properly and I will have the time and resources to deal with drawing the winner and posting the prize in a timely manner!

Other terms and conditions:

* This giveaway is not sponsored by any nail polish manufacturer, distributor or supplier, or any internet based social network or company. Nail Jems is entirely responsible for the management of this giveaway.
* There will be only one winner of the giveaway, no runner up prizes.
* The winner will receive a notification by email and has 48 hours to respond and claim the prize before another winner will be drawn.
* The winner accepts to provide their full name and postal address in order to receive the prize.
* If the selected winner has not completed all the mandatory tasks on the Rafflecopter, they will be disqualified and another winner selected.
* Extra entries can be earnt by sharing the giveaway image on various social networks, the giveaway image is the first image on this post and consists of the collection of swatches of the prizes. This image can also be found pinned on my Facebook page and on my Instagram account to facilitate sharing.
* New entry's can be gained daily via the sharing options, and this give away will also be reposted on its own page and accessible via the page tabs at the top of the blog to make the rafflecopter easier to find for repeated daily entries.
* Most importantly please remember- though I will do my very best to ensure safe delivery of the prize, I cannot be held responsible if it does not!

And that's all ladies! I hope you like the giveaway and the polishes I managed to get my hands on, if all goes well this time around then I may do another Brazilian polish giveaway when I come back to visit next year!

Good luck to you all!! xxxx

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  1. Hell yeah! I've been watching the swatches through the Llama Nails Group and it's been filling me with the desire to cross to frontier and visit Brazil :O
    Though, for us Argentinians it's super expensive :/ and i'm sure i'll end up buried in polishes D:
    Thanks for the giveaway! <3

  2. Replies
    1. Como parte da minha 'turnê de esmaltes mundial "a idéia da doação é dar esmaltes de cada país para alguém de outro país que não pode obtê-los, Infelizmente dessa vez não haverá ganhador Brasileiro! Mas no momento estou na Itália, e no próximo eu estarei indo para a Holanda e depois no Reino Unido, assim estarei fazendo novas doações para cada país que estarei visitando e para esses outros países todas as mulheres Brasileiras serão muito bem vindas para participar!

      Eu sou membra de todos os principais grupos de esmaltes brasileiros no facebook e prometo postar sobre os próximos brindes lá para que todas as mulheres brasileiras possam ter sua chance também ;)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Thanks for giveaway !! Awesome polishes and swatches


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