Thursday, 28 November 2013

Playing catch up with ''October Week'' - Halloween Nails!

Hey everyone welcome to my belated naily Oktoberfest, where I am catching up with all the nail occasions I missed that month because that annoying thing called life got in the way!

Now who the hell would want to miss Halloween? I certainly didn't and I wasn't going to let a silly little thing like moving to another country get in my way, so today you get a halloween mani! (Come ooon, who the hell wouldn't want 2 halloweens!?)

I didn't get this mani done in advance before all the madness of my move started, I thought I had plenty of time, and was so so wrong. I also did not take into account that emptying a house of furniture, living in a van for 2 weeks and lugging around tons of suitcases would totally wreck my nails, and at the moment they are not fit to be shown on a blog! I broke most of them during all the stuff that was going and had to file them all right down to tiny little nubs, and have been trying to get them to grow back fast ever since. They have actually done really well and and most of them have grown back nicely, but for some frustrating reason the middle finger nails on both hands just keep breaking and breaking, I've already filed them all down twice, and I refuse to sacrifice all the nice nails yet again just because these 2 little fu*kers refuse to co-operate!

But as luck would have it, I've moved in with the inlaws here in Brazil, and it turns out my sister in law has really nice nails! (The bitch has got those lovely long nails beds that I would kill for, so even when she has nubs they are still long, Gah!) So, she has been employed as my nail model for the rest of this weeks mani's, and then afterwards I have some mani's I prepared on my own nails a couple of months ago before I broke them all to show you too. Hopefully a middle finger nail on at least one of my hands will be fine again soon, because it's so much harder to get good photographs of someone elses nails than it is of my own! 
So let me introduce my guest hands for the week, my sister inlaw Taisa, sporting my halloween design!

I'm sorry that the picture is not as good as they usually are, but Taisa is not used to posing her hands the same way I usually do and had a really hard time with it, this is the best picture I could get in this position.

To do this mani I used my new ILNP Ultra Chromes 'Birefringence' and 'Mutagen' which were delivered to my door just as I started all my packing to leave, so I didn't even get a chance to swatch them for you all before my nails all broke. :( I will do that as soon as my nails grow back, I promise.
If you haven't seen these polishes yet, they are AHHH-MAZING and full of multicoloured shifty awesomeness, but they were totally the wrong polishes to use on a model to show you the awesomeness, as it was too uncomfortable for her to pose her hands in all the various positions required to catch all the colours, so you are going to have to wait until I can swatch them to see how awesome they really are, but at least purple and green are still good halloween colours! 

Everything that I wanted to do for this mani went wrong! On the index finger there are 2 bats and the little finger a spider web, I wanted to do nail stamping for this but when I came to do it, I realised I couldn't find my book of nail stamping plates anywhere! Things have been so mental I don't know where they could be, I don't know if I accidently put them in some boxes of stuff I posted home to my mum in the UK, or if I stupidly left them in Australia somewhere, or if I left them at my husbands other house 800 kms away when we were visiting in the last few weeks, or of they are even around here somewhere and I have just misplaced them, either way I can't find them, and I'm pretty gutted about that as my folder contains my ENTIRE collection of plates, and there is more than a hundred dollars worth in there. :( So pray that it turns up for me please ladies!

So yeah, I free handed the spider web and the bats and they look pretty meh, I could not even get the bats to show up in the picture over that nail polish!

On the middle finger I was trying to do a cool water marble design, but of course that wasn't co-operating either, and after several attempts and watching the level in my expensive and gorgeous ILNP bottles drastically drop, I gave up and went for a beetlejuice type striped design instead. I couldn't cotinue throwing that gorgeous nail polish down the drain!

The ring finger nail turned out OK I guess, I like the green and purple gradient, but my haunted house is not looking very creepy. But hey, at least I actually got to do a halloween mani and didn't have to wait a full year to get the opportunity again! Right?

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