Thursday, 20 December 2012

Before I realised that blogging could be my thing

So I'm starting this blog a bit late in my nail game, and because of that I have decided to back date the last few nail designs I have done to roughly about the time that I did them. Im starting to realise that there are so many beautiful mani's that I never even took pics of, and that makes me sad, so I really need to up my nail photography game, and this blog is just the thing to put the booty up my ass!

So here are some nail designs I have done that date from the last few years anywhere upto the end of 2012, inluding some of my first attempts at nail art techniques! Starting with what (I think!) is the oldest, up to the newest!

This was a Mani done for my very dear friend Valentina when nails started becoming my obsession, we were living in Italy at the time! This was my first attempt at a gradient, and I have to say I think it was quite successsful, despite not having done it using it any of the techniques I learned online as none of them seemed to work for me and just got really messy. I will talk about my personal technique later!

By this point I was loving the gradients and did so many mani's with them! But this was my first attempt at stamping, it wasn't a bad result despite the polish used probably not being the most suitable, it has taken much trial and error since then to figure out what works and what doesn't when it comes to stamping!

This is a tiger striped mani that I did for my feline obsessed friend aptly named Miss Kitt! I painted the stripes free hand, and what I learnt from this was that not all ordinary paint brushes willl cut it and I should probably invest in a proper manicure brush set!

These are some christmas nail designs that I did on a practise wheel last year when a lot of my friends were asking for inspiration and ideas to get theirs done. I got to practise a few different techniques doing these, including gradients, stamping & striping tapes. My favourites are the white snowflake designs and the silver tinsel tip design.
This is the mani I did for a friend for her New Years Eve party, and only my second attempt with nail foils. I used a dotting tool to create patterns with the foil glue on her nails, that would resemble fireworks in the night sky. Considering this was only my second time with foils and the first time I ever tried to do something artistic with them it's not a bad effort, but had I realised that foil is much easier to work with if you remove the weird brown backing that comes on some of the strips, it would have gone a lot better!

Im pleased to say I have improved a lot since these mani's were done, and I developed techniques that work well for me, my manicures look much better these days!

What with these being older photos I can't really remember what products were used in them, and this may be the case for some of the next back dated posts to come too (that are still from 2013 but my memory may be a bit fuzzy on what was used!) I promise that with all current and future posts from now (June 2013) I will try to put in as much information as I can about the products I used!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy my blog!

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